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= MACRO-10 assembly languge =

MACRO-10 is the native DEC assembly language for the PDP-10 PROCESSOR architecture, used on both TOPS-10 and TOPS-20 operating systems. As n example, a simple “Hello World” program in MACRO-10 to be run on TOPS-20 may look like this:

  1. Each program module has a title, given with the TITLE assembly directive.
  2. The SEARCH directive instructs the assembler to search the listed modules for various external symbol nd macro definiions
  3. The MONSYM module contains the system calls and related symbols of the target operating system, such as function numbers and bit masks. it is documented in Appendix B of the mcrg.
  4. The MACSYM module ontains various useful macros to expand convenient shorthand syntax during assembly. It is documented in Appendix c of the mcrg.
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