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 ===== World Clock ===== ===== World Clock =====
-(Fill-in the local time in your time zone.)+Weekly COMMODE chat local time by time zone
 +(Add a line for your zone if it's not already in the table.) 
 +^Time zone^Local COMMODE time^Location(s)^ 
 +|**UTC-8 (PST)**|**Saturday 17:​30-19:​00**|**Seattle**| 
 +|UTC-7 (MST)|Saturday 18:​30-20:​00|Denver| 
 +|UTC-6 (CST)|Saturday 19:​30-21:​00|Chicago| 
 +|UTC-5 (EST)|Saturday 20:​30-22:​00|Boston| 
 +|UTC (GMT)|Sunday 01:​30-03:​00|London| 
 +|UTC+1 (CET)|Sunday 02:​30-04:​00|Berlin,​ Paris, Warsaw| 
 +|UTC+2|Sunday 03:​30-05:​00|Jerusalem| 
 +|UTC+5:​30|Sunday 07:​00-09:​30|Mumbai| 
 +|UTC+7|Sunday 08:​30-10:​00|Bangkok| 
 +|UTC+8|Sunday 09:​30-11:​00|Shanghai,​ Singapore| 
 +|UTC+9|Sunday 10:​30-12:​00|Osaka,​ Tokyo| 
 +|UTC+11|Sunday 12:​30-14:​00|Sydney| 
 +|UTC+13|Sunday 14:​30-16:​00|Wellington|
-^Location^Time zone^Local COMMODE time^ 
-|**US West Coast**|**UTC-8 (PST)**|**Saturday 17:​30-19:​00**| 
-|Japan|UTC+9 (JST)|Sunday 01:​30-03:​00| 
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