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You can enter the APL interpreter on twenex by typing APLSF. Then enter tty to use a non-APL keyboard. You can find the keyboard mapping for APLSF on bitsavers here: APLSF_Language_Manual_Aug79.pdf

APL Character Set With ASCII and Escape Mode Equivalents

[For convenience, part of the keyboard mapping table from APLSF Language Manual is duplicated below.]

Name ASCII Escape
and & Grade Down .GD
assignment _ Grade Up .GU
÷ divide % I-Beam (histogram) .IB
exponentiate * @E LoGarithm .LG
× multiply # NaNd .NN
? question (roll and deal) ? @Q NoR .NR
' quote string ' @K back expansion .CB
take ^ @Y (Circle) Rotate .CR
residue (ABsolute value) .AB @M back scan .CS
α ALpha .AL @A Divide Quad .DQ
quad (BoX) .BX @L Input Quad .IQ
CEiling (maximum) .CE @S Output Quad .OQ
drop (Down Arrow) .DA @U OUt .OU
¨ Dieresis .DD Protected Del .PD
DEcode .DE @B Quad Del .QD
DeL .DL @G Quad Quote .QQ
DiaMond .DM ReVersal .RV
Down Under .DU @C TRanspose .TR
ENcode .EN @N eXecute .XQ
EPsilon .EP @E ForMat .FM
FLoor .FL @D Comment (lamp)
Greater then or Equal to .GE A-Z underscored alphabetics .ZA-.ZZ
GO to (branch) .GO underscored lower del .Z@
IOta .IO @I
{ Left curly Brace .LB
delta (Lower Del) .LD @H
Less than or Equal to .LE
Left tacK .LK
circle (Large O) .LO @O
Left Union .LU @X
Not Equal to .NE
NeGation .NG
NoT .NT @T
OMega .OM @W
} Right curly Brace .RB
RhO .RO @R
Right tacK .RK
Right Union .RU @Z
jot (Small O) .SO @J
_ UnderScore .US @F
Up Union .UU @V
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