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MM is the TOPS-20 mailing subsystem. You can use MM for sending and receiving emails.

Run MM:


. The email subsystem prompt will appear:


HELP and ? commands are available.

Sending email

Create a new message using the MAIL command.


Fill the TO: field. Please follow this criteria:

  • For internal mails in TWENEX use ( also works).
  • For addresses, use
  • For external addresses please include the host as an intermediary using the % character. For instance, if you want to send an email to, please use

Fill the optional CC: and SUBJECT: fields. MM will bring the standard Message: line editor.

 (End with ESCAPE or CTRL/D to get to send command level, CTRL/Z to send.
  Use CTRL/B to insert a file, CTRL/E to enter editor, CTRL/K to redisplay
  message, CTRL/L to clear screen and redisplay, CTRL/N or CTRL/X to abort.)

Type your message and use Ctrl+z to queue it. To send the message now, use the SEND command.

Remote users will be able to answer to your TWENEX address (

Reading email

Use the HEADERS ALL command to display a list of all the received emails. The list will include the message number IDs.


Use the TYPE command with the email number ID to display it into your terminal, You can also use TYPE NEW to display only new and recent messages. For instance, display the first five message received:


You can answer the displayed message using the REPLY command.

After editing the reply message, the “S>” prompt will be active. To send the queued message, use the SEND command.


Delete messages using DELETE number, Then you can clean the recycle bin with EXPUNGE.

TWENEX.ORG mailing system lacks proper MIME64 or HTML support. Use plain text if possible.
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