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COMMODE is essentially a REMARK script which prefixes the USER's name to whatever the user types. It is used for chatting with other users, but requires that each TERMINAL be LINKED together. A regular chat is held each Saturday at 5:30PM until 7:00PM Pacific Time. To join, run SYSTAT to see who is running COMMOD and use SEND to request a link.

Setting up COMMODE

  • Log to your account (or as NEW NEW)
  • Each user must set TERMINAL RECEIVE LINKS at EXEC (the @ prompt)
  • Users must have their terminals linked - This can be done via TALK or via ^L in COMMODE

Commands within COMMODE

  • ^B - Blanks all linked TTYs if they are VTs and not Teletypes
  • ^L - Add another USER's terminal to COMMODE
  • ^N - Change your name
  • ^X - Push to EXEC - others can observe
  • ^Z - Break all links and exit COM MODE
  • <ESC> - Short cut for Go Ahead

COMMODE etiquette

In COMMODE it is easy to have a conversation run over itself - id est people talking over each other. When this happens, you can yield to another user by pressing <ESC>. This will print a GA or Go Ahead. It is also best to end your side of the conversation with a GA or a double <RET>. This will signal to others that you are done speaking.


  • ^Z will break all links and exit COMMODE
  • Typing BREAK in EXEC will break links
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