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COM MODE is essentially a REMARK script which prefixes the USER's name to whatever the user types. It is used for chatting with other users, but requires that each TERMINAL be LINKED together.

Setting up COM MODE

  • Each user must set TERMINAL RECEIVE LINKS
  • Users must have their terminals linked - This can be done via TALK or via ^L in COMMODE

Commands within COM MODE

  • ^B Blanks screen
  • ^L Add another USER's terminal to COM MODE
  • ^N Change your name
  • ^X Push to EXEC - others can observe
  • ^Z Break all links and exit COM MODE
  • <ESC> Short cut for Go Ahead

COM MODE etiquette

In COM MODE it is easy to have a conversation run over itself - IE people talking over each other. When this happens, you can yield to another user by pressing <ESC>. This will print a GA or Go Ahead. It is also best to end your side of the conversation with a GA or a double <RET>. This will signal to others that you are done speaking.


  • ^Z will break all links and exit COM MODE
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