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BBOARD is a shared mailbox that's used as a community bulletin board for users. It is completely separate from the SDF cluster BBOARD bulletin board system.

Checking for new posts

@BBOARD prints BBOARD posts you have not already read. Put the command in your LOGIN.CMD file to check for new posts every time you log-in (it's included in the default LOGIN.CMD).

Reviewing old posts

@BBOARD /LAST reprints the latest post. See @BBOARD /HELP for other options.

You can also access BBOARD from inside the mail program @MM to read, list, and search posts in the same way as e-mail messages. Type BBOARD MAIL (or just BBOARD) at the MM command prompt.

Posting to BBOARD

@MAIL BBOARD starts a new post with the standard mailer program. Enter the post's subject and continue composing as you would a normal e-mail message. Submit with Ctrl-Z.

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