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Getting and Accessing your own TOPS-20 account on TWENEX.ORG

If you do not have an account, you can test drive the system by telnetting to TWENEX.ORG. If you do not have a TELNET client, you can run a JAVA Applet from the CONNECT link on the website. Once you reach the @ prompt you can type a few commands as the user NOT-LOGGED-IN or you can type NEW NEW to login to the new user account.

If it looks like you'll be joining us, you can click on the MKACCT link on the website and following the instructions. A random password will be sent to the E-Mail address you provide. There is information in HELP NEW-USER on basic commands and changing your password. The disk allocation for new users is fairly low. If you need more pages, don't hesitate to ask. Disks are cheap and virtual RP07s are even cheaper.

For accessing your personal account, it is recommend that you use an SSH client. From the UNIX, Linux or Macintosh command line type: ssh This will connect you into the SDF Public Access UNIX System internal network, where TWENEX.ORG is hosted. From there, you will be passed to TWENEX.ORG and may then login to your account using your user name and password.

To SSH from Windows, we recommend that you download the putty.exe application.

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