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 === LEDIT === === LEDIT ===
 +''LEDIT'' is a software package that allows a programmer to inspect, modify, and save Lisp source expressions from within a Maclisp session, abilities Maclisp itself lacks. This is achieved  by calling the Emacs editor from the programmer's Maclisp session.
 +To use LEDIT:
 +  - Start Maclisp and load your source file.
 +  - Evaluate ''(LOAD "LISP:LEDIT.FASL")'' (You may add this line to your LISP.INI file and eliminate this step.)
 +  - Evaluate ''(LEDIT)'' to switch to Emacs.
 +  - Load the source file into Emacs (''^X ^F'').
 +  - View, change, save source with Emacs commands.
 +  - Flag function definitions to update in Maclisp with ''M-Z''.
 +  - Return to Maclisp with ''^X Z''
 ===== InterLisp-10 ===== ===== InterLisp-10 =====
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 The dialect was in a rivalry with Maclisp prior to the development of Common Lisp.  The dialect was in a rivalry with Maclisp prior to the development of Common Lisp. 
 +=== Set-up ===
 +If you have set-up your TWENEX session for Maclisp (see above), you must undefine the logical name ''LISP:'' before running InterLisp.
 ===== References ===== ===== References =====
-[[|W. Teitelman. (1974). InterLisp Reference Manual [Online]. Available:]] 
 [[|K.M. Pitman. (2007, December 16). The Revised Maclisp Manual [Online]. Available:]] [[|K.M. Pitman. (2007, December 16). The Revised Maclisp Manual [Online]. Available:]]
-[[|CWeissman. (1967). Lisp 1.5 Primer [Online]. Available:]] +[[|WTeitelman. (1974). InterLisp Reference Manual [Online]. Available:]]
- +
-EMACS LEDIT mode +[[|CWeissman(1967)Lisp 1.5 Primer [Online]. Available:]]
- +
-//(Is LEDIT another Lisp dialect, or just a TOPS-20 Emacs (non-/pre-GNU/Elisp) mode for editing Lisp source code?)// +
- +
-  --> //LEDIT is a module for connecting MACLISP & EmacsYou can inspect, edit, & save source in Emacs, then evaluate/run it in MACLISPIt's documented in INFOThere's supposed to be another module to do the same with InterLispI'd like to figure out how to use this-- papa//+
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